The function of a man is to live and not just to exist! Certainty is of course, scarce and expensive. Our life depends on our Actions (A), starts with our Birth (B), exists because of our Choices (C) and ends with our Death (D). We are never stronger than tested, as circumstances build a man. There is always a room for improvisation and sometimes, life brings us to a point, to make a point. So, life is not just what happens to us, it is we who make life happen!

Truth is definitely stranger than fiction. The hardest choices require the finest wills, discipline, consistency, persistence, courage and a bunch of sacrifices. One has to be at the right place, at the right time, with a right set of people, to lead an ideal life ahead! We cannot bring back the ones who are already lost, but we can happily live with the ones who exist and actually matter to us. Believe me, I trust you to do what needs to be done, and for now, let’s together deep dive into “Decoding Zindagi”.

I’ve written this edition, to present and express a handful of facts that impact us, shape us and our lives altogether. Some among these are master keys of life. Our thoughts, experiences, challenges and time impact our choices, actions, decisions and life. This is not a regular novel or script. Every chapter has two distinctions, each loaded with fresh original content. It is a tricky combination of simple English with relevant examples and poetic wordplays in Hindi language.

I hope you enjoy this word treat!